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Open-source tool for visualizing AWS environments
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What is CloudMapper?

CloudMapper generates network diagrams of Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments and display them via your browser. It helps you understand visually what exists in your accounts and identify possible network misconfigurations.
CloudMapper is a tool in the Architecture Design Tools category of a tech stack.
CloudMapper is an open source tool with 3.5K GitHub stars and 446 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to CloudMapper's open source repository on GitHub

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CloudMapper Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to CloudMapper?
Cloudcraft is service for creating powerful AWS diagrams for free, used by software architects and developers. You can create cloud architecture diagrams, service deployment plans, illustrate software documentation, presentations etc.
It is 3D modeling software that’s easy to use and has an extensive database of user-created models. You can use it to sketch (or import) models to assist with all kinds of projects—furniture building, video game creation, 3D printing, interior design, and whatever else you can think of.
It gives businesses instant visibility of what they're running in the cloud. Diagrams are the best way to communicate and understand cloud engineering and architecture, however trawling consoles and using drag and drop tools to get a clear picture of your infrastructure is manual, time consuming work.

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