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arvind kumar

Zsh is something I would encourage everyone (who uses terminals) to try. It has a lot of customisations, plugins and themes. Oh My Zsh is a framework for Zsh that makes it easier to add plugins. I would suggest install Zsh using Oh My Zsh. There are a few plugins that I install to provide auto completion on my shell, vim customisations I like to use. I would suggest to following guide to wow everyone with your terminal

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Jigar Shah

Security Software Engineer at Pinterest

We would like to detect unusual config changes that can potentially cause production outage.

Such as, SecurityGroup new allow/deny rule, AuthZ policy change, Secret key/certificate rotation, IP subnet add/drop. The problem is the source of all of these activities is different, i.e., AWS IAM, Amazon EC2, internal prod services, envoy sidecar, etc.

Which of the technology would be best suitable to detect only IMP events (not all activity) from various sources all workload running on AWS and also Splunk Cloud?

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Manjunath Gowda

Needs advice
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Hi We have chosen React as a UI framework to revamp an existing application in our company, we are looking for some practical and holistic RAD (Rapid application development tools) to increase developer efficiency, reduce coding effort, enhance code maintainability, and reusability with testing support to build consistent UI. Please give your feedback on the stack I should choose for efficient UI development.

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arvind kumar

Shared a protip

iTerm2 works great with Zsh like providing profiles, scrolling my vim using mouse etc, but it has some quirks that can be ironed out. This blog has most of the setup I do initially

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