Project Aeolus

Project Aeolus

Modernizing and automating drones.

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Ryan Wans

Ant Design offers the most components with JS and CSS taken care of. They look clean, professional, and usable.

We paired this with Bulma for making the containers and structure reactive. Bulma (for react) make it easy to just add a section, container, and content and have it work on all platforms.

We also use Geist UI, though not recognized by Stack share, for its simple and modern feel. Highly recommend Geist if you want modern components for complicated UI's

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Ryan Wans

Because we're getting continuous data from a variety of mediums and sources, we need a way to ingest data, process it, analyze it, and store it in a robust manner. AWS' tools provide just that. They make it easy to set up a data ingestion pipeline for handling gigabytes of data per second. GraphQL makes it easy for the front end to just query an API and get results in an efficient fashion, getting only the data we need. SwaggerHub makes it easy to make standardized OpenAPI's with consistent and predictable behavior.

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Ryan Wans

Using Auth0 and JWT with a simple session management server is easy and takes care of a lot of the hassle of setting up authentication. We feel safe having Auth0 handle and store our user data knowing their databases are way more secure than anything we could have setup ourselves. They also provide great tools like WebHooks and action events to pull critical metadata to our API when we need it.

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Ryan Wans

Atlassian's tools, especially for Agile teams, are far beyond Google's G Suite in terms of project management. The capabilities of Jira and Confluence make Agile projects, CI/CD pipelines, and the SDLC in general way easier. I cant recommend them enough!

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