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One important decision for delivering a platform independent solution with low memory footprint and minimal dependencies was the choice of the programming language. We considered a few from Python (there was already a reasonably large Python code base at Thumbtack), to Go (we were taking our first steps with it), and even Rust (too immature at the time).

We ended up writing it in C. It was easy to meet all requirements with only one external dependency for implementing the web server, clearly no challenges running it on any of the Linux distributions we were maintaining, and arguably the implementation with the smallest memory footprint given the choices above.

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Running PostgreSQL on a single primary master node is simple and convenient. There is a single source of truth, one instance to handle all reads and writes, one target for all clients to connect to, and only a single configuration file to maintain. However, such a setup usually does not last forever. As traffic increases, so does the number of concurrent reads and writes, the read/write ratio may become too high, a fast and reliable recovery plan needs to exist, the list goes on…

No single approach solves all possible scaling challenges, but there are quite a few options for scaling PostgreSQL depending on the requirements. When the read/write ratio is high enough, there is fairly straightforward scaling strategy: setup secondary PostgreSQL nodes (replicas) that stream data from the primary node (master) and split SQL traffic by sending all writes (INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, UPSERT) to the single master node and all reads (SELECT) to the replicas. There can be many replicas, so this strategy scales better with a higher read/write ratio. Replicas are also valuable to implement a disaster recovery plan as it’s possible to promote one to master in the event of a failure.

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