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Kamaldeep Singh

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SVN is much simpler than git for the simple stuff (checking in files and updating them when everyone's online), and much more complex than git for the complicated stuff (branching and merging). Or put another way, git's learning curve is steep up front, and then increases moderately as you do weird things; SVN's learning curve is very shallow up front and then increases rapidly.

If you're storing large files, if you're not branching, if you're not storing source code, and if your team is happy with SVN and the workflow you have, I'd say you should stay on SVN.

If you're writing source code with a relatively modern development practice (developers doing local builds and tests, pre-commit code reviews, preferably automated testing, preferably some amount of open-source code), you should move to git for two reasons: first, this style of working inherently requires frequent branching and merging, and second, your ability to interact with outside projects is easier if you're all comfortable with git instead of snapshotting the outside project into SVN.

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Kamaldeep Singh

CEO at Zhoustify

I usually take a slightly different tack because the technical level of people I usually am dealing with is lower. I tend to be pitching to decision makers and not tech people. A bit of my standard answer is below.

Wix and Squarespace are proprietary systems meant for unsophisticated users who want to build their own websites quickly and easily. While they are good for that specific use case, they do not offer any way to move beyond that if your needs arise. Since they are proprietary closed systems if you need something more advanced at some point your only option is to start over.

WordPress is an Open Source CMS that allows much more freedom. It is not quite as simple to setup and create a new site but if you are talking to me then you are not looking to build it yourself so that is really a non-issue. The main benefit of WordPress is freedom. You can host it on virtually any decent web hosting service and since it uses PHP and MySQL you can have virtually any developer take over a project without problem.

I believe in open source because of that freedom. It is good for me as a developer and it is good for my clients. If something were to happen to me or my company you would have no problem finding another qualified WordPress developer to take over the site in a totally seamless fashion. There would be no need to start from scratch.

Additionally the extensible nature of WordPress means that no matter what your future needs, WordPress can handle it. Adding things like e-commerce and custom quoting systems are just two examples of advanced solution's that I have added to WordPress sites years after they were first built.

WordPress is used by tiny one person businesses all the way up to major websites like the NY Times and I think it is right for this project as well.

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Kamaldeep Singh

CEO at Zhoustify

The people who choose discord over slack are only the consumers who dont need all the enterprise features that slack has. businesses are still sticking with slack. Or like us, those whom can program bots and integrate api's manually for a much better feature rich experience with discord.

Slack pricing is abysmal, it's honestly so stupid it's not even an option for most communities/dev teams

Bigger businesses I expect to use slack if they can't hire a developer to set up discord or even just hiring a contractor for a more productive platform to work off of.

Very small teams (2-5) are the professionals I see switching to Discord and can switch to slack with premade discord bots to easily transition slack and discord api intergrations to message cross platform. Or just switch when you need the enterprise features and not feeling like vetting programmers to work with discord. It really isn't a big switch, just do it. You won't regret it.

Discord has an amazing freemium model. Their devs are great and they push out amazing updates regularly. Due to this Discord is getting adopted by communities everywhere.

My dev team is still on slack for various reasons (threads, better integrations (monitoring/software dev), expiring guests built in, auditing, SLA, variety of in-house integrations).

I was skeptical at first but the amount of stuff (voice, search, video/screen sharing) they've added in such a short amount of time won me over. I think if they target the business market more they can stomp out Slack. The only problem is that Slack is becoming an industry standard for IT so integrations for it are everywhere. The slack compatible webhook discord provides helps with this a bit (even though it's a bit broken).

Honestly I hope they don't target the business market. Not specifically anyway. Discord is made by gamers for gamers. Everyone else is welcome but they shouldn't be trying to please other demographics specifically.

I honestly see no need for slack really. The only reason why its better than discord somewhat is because of all the integration; mailchimp, github etc. All can be accomplished using a bot it's just a pain. Also I do think Discord should have some sort of "paid" tier for discord hopefully better than Slack's model because their current method of generating revenue isn't going to be sustainable for the long run. Important thing to note is that their focus has and will always be on gamers/streamers so developers are not a priority with all their features, it just so happens that our needs align on some level.

As developers ourselves, we've made bots and are able to do everything from making phone calls or texts to doing follow up lead emails, collaborating for graphic design and video editing. All of it is possible through api integrations with discord.

So far for me, it uses hell a lot less memory.

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Kamaldeep Singh

CEO at Zhoustify

Really simple to use cdn for wordpress that's built with siteground. Temporarily using them until I'm down with my art piece of a website that's still being coded from scratch. Maybe it'll be done in a week, maybe a year. Whenever I get to change hosts I'll probably switch to something I like better. Thinking of going with kinsta and looking at my cdn options after the switch.

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