Cloud monitoring for your servers, websites, processes, and web applications.
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Continuous visibility and cloud monitoring for all your servers – hosted or private, Linux or Windows. Works great with Amazon EC2, Rackspace, or any public or private cloud.

CopperEgg's Features
  • Any Server – Cloud, Virtual, or Physical- Whether your servers are physical, virtual, on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of these, get the server performance insight you need from any location. Supports Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows and many more.
  • CopperEgg cloud monitoring integrates with Chef and supports cloud server monitoring for CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, RedHat, FreeBSD, MacOSX, and additional Linux varieties.
  • Real-Time Updates- Updates every few seconds to provide you with the ability to correct an issue before a catastrophe occurs.
  • Pay-Per-Usage- Spin servers up and down
  • you only pay for actual monitored hourly usage.
  • Installs in Seconds- See your server’s health immediately. Installs with a simple copy-and-paste.
  • Drill Down on Details- Easily drill down to high-resolution details of Processes, Disk IO, CPU and Network stats to get a closer look into server performance characteristics of the system.
  • Custom Alerts- Receive notifications immediately when thresholds are met with customizable alerts via email, SMS, PagerDuty or Webhooks.
  • Multi-User Accounts- Share RevealCloud server performance monitoring with other team members, or even provide restricted read-only views to customers.
  • One Year Data History- Gain in-depth insight into server health, load, performance and capacity so you can benchmark activity and uncover trends, with data history of up to one year.