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CrowdFlower is the world's leading crowdsourcing service, with over 800 million tasks submitted by over four million contributors. We specialize in microtasking: distributing small, discrete tasks to many online contributors, assembly-line fashion - for instance, using people to check hundreds of thousands of photos every day for obscene content.

CrowdFlower's Features
  • RTFM- Real Time Foto Moderator: crowdsourced image moderation with a simple, real-time API. (Originally known as the Image Moderation API.)
  • Business Data- Collect data on businesses at massive scale
  • Customer and Lead Data Enhancement- Increase sales by knowing more about your customers
  • Content Moderation and Curation- Quickly find both good and bad user generated content
  • Sentiment and Opinion Analysis- Know exactly what people are saying about you
  • Ranked- Boost conversions with better search results
  • Categorize- Categorize products, businesses, videos, events, & more
  • Content Generation- Improve your search engine ranking with quality content
  • Surveys- Find and interact with highly-qualified digital consumers
  • Custom solutions- We help businesses of all sizes automate really big custom projects
  • Builder- Advanced user? Developer? Build your own crowdsourcing projects

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