Stack of tools, frameworks and languages I often use

  • C# is my most well-known language. I work with it since my university studies.

  • My favourite IDE nowadays. Best for typescript, good for .NET and Python too.

  • front-end stuff. I'm not an expert, but I can get along with it. (JQuery, Typescript, Node.js and native javascript)

  • Communication between team members, and VSTS integrations (webhooks)

  • We use HTML5 in all of our web projects.

  • We use docker quite often with our databases. Need to enhance, I'm more like a user than an admin of it.

  • Webapp frontend development in enterprise projects.

  • I use .NET alongside with C# since my university studies, and I really enjoy it. Especially .NET Core, which is the best thing that happened to Microsoft since... ever.

  • My favourite cloud with all the great tools - web apps, mobile apps, storages, easy tables, blobs, app insights, cosmos DB... I think it is really usable and ergonomic. Plus point for mobile app.

  • If you need a document-based database with geo-redundancy (imagine AU-HU distance), this is the way to go.

  • An IDE which I use for at least ten years now. Roslyn is getting better and better, but VS Code seems better now. A bit obsolete concept, but the extra tools (like git integration, azure browsing, preset projects and solutions) makes it still very useful.

  • We use VSTS to host our repos, to manage our backlog and plan our sprints, to track our work (tasks and bugs), host our knowledge-base (wiki) and a lot more. I am the team admin.

  • Best tool for testing web apis.

  • When some regex or hardly scriptable but pattern-type problem occurs, I always go to notepad++. Also nice for file inspection (like image-meta).

  • Usually github flow with pull requests, wired in to CI/CD.

  • If we encounter multi-level or complex objects, we usually go with mongo/document/cosmos DBs. Getting better in detecting such objects and moving them here.

  • Everyone needs a robust database, right?

  • Mobile app local databases.

  • Mobile app development with PCL and Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

  • We use redux on the client side to provide local storages for performance improvement and logic enhancement.

  • Web app development, paired with Angular.

  • Mostly with Django, sometimes with Angular/Typescript. Not a very solid knowledge, just the basics.

  • I use asana for personal projects (to collaborate on event organization) on a weekly basis.

  • Web app development a long ago. Nowadays sometimes I approve pull requests in our projects.

  • provisioning, app signing, ios device logs.

  • Server side APIs for mobile apps.

  • Mobile Ads and statistics in Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android apps (Bite'It, E-BusinessCard)