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Self-service data integration, preparation, analytics and visualization
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What is Datameer?

It is a single application that helps you get any data into Hadoop, bring it together, analyze it, and visualize it as quickly and easily as possible. No coding required. Everything in it is self-service and intuitive, from our wizard-based data integration, to a spreadsheet with point-and-click analytics, to our blank canvas to for building custom visualizations.
Datameer is a tool in the Business Intelligence category of a tech stack.

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Datameer Integrations

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle are some of the popular tools that integrate with Datameer. Here's a list of all 7 tools that integrate with Datameer.

Datameer's Features

  • Data integration
  • Data visualization
  • Dynamic data management
  • Open infrastructure
  • Pre-built application
  • Self-service analytics.

Datameer Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Datameer?
Tableau can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click.
It is an Intelligent Platform that Interoperates with Your Data Investments. It sits between the data storage and processing environments and the visualization, statistical or machine learning tools used downstream
It is a command-driven software package used for statistical analysis and data visualization. It is available only for Windows operating systems. It is arguably one of the most widely used statistical software packages in both industry and academia.
Power BI
It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.
Apache Spark
Spark is a fast and general processing engine compatible with Hadoop data. It can run in Hadoop clusters through YARN or Spark's standalone mode, and it can process data in HDFS, HBase, Cassandra, Hive, and any Hadoop InputFormat. It is designed to perform both batch processing (similar to MapReduce) and new workloads like streaming, interactive queries, and machine learning.
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