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What is Datanyze?

Datanyze crawls millions of the web's top websites to determine which web technologies they use, then serves that data to its users in valuable ways.
Datanyze is a tool in the Customer Information API category of a tech stack.

Who uses Datanyze?



Datanyze's Features

  • Daily alerts for who starts and stops using a technology
  • custom querying of our data via Targeting
  • cross-technology analysis via Correlations - of all users of a technology, which other technologies are highly correlated
  • General information about a domain via CrunchBase and Jigsaw
  • People information about a domain via LinkedIn and Jigsaw
  • Chrome extension to tell you which technologie are being used by the website you're currently browsing
  • Chrome extension Bubble to tell you if a website you're currently browsing is using a technology you're tracking
  • Visualize the landscape of a technology category via Market Share (i.e. what percentage of the CMS category does WordPress own)

Datanyze Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Datanyze?
Clearbit builds business intelligence APIs. Retrieve social data from emails and look up company information from domains.
FullContact offers developers powerful contact management APIs to you turn partial contact information into full contact data. Query by email, phone, or company domain and receive rich company data in response.
It is an end-to-end sales solution that provides companies with a way to generate, qualify, deliver, and convert leads. It helps sales teams grow and scale across all levels of the sales process.
It is an app that makes it fast and easy to add a new contact or look up an existing one. It works on both the iPhone and iPad, and it’s simple enough to use that it may actually make you want to manage your contacts.
Abstract APIs
It provides powerful APIs to automate common dev tasks. We make it easy to validate emails, geolocate IPs, calculate VAT, compress images and more. We focus on an awesome dev experience with top documentation and support, and provide free and paid plans.
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