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JSON Web Token Authentication support for Django REST Framework
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What is Django REST framework JWT?

This package provides JSON Web Token Authentication support for Django REST framework. Unlike some more typical uses of JWTs, this module only generates authentication tokens that will verify the user who is requesting one of your DRF protected API resources.
Django REST framework JWT is a tool in the User Management and Authentication category of a tech stack.
Django REST framework JWT is an open source tool with 3.2K GitHub stars and 650 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Django REST framework JWT's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Django REST framework JWT?

6 companies reportedly use Django REST framework JWT in their tech stacks, including Atomic Hire, CyberGRX, and

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Django REST framework JWT's Features

  • JSON Web Token Authentication
  • Django REST framework
  • Generates authentication tokens

Django REST framework JWT Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Django REST framework JWT?
JSON Web Token
JSON Web Token is an open standard that defines a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information between parties as a JSON object. This information can be verified and trusted because it is digitally signed.
A set of unified APIs and tools that instantly enables Single Sign On and user management to all your applications.
Azure Active Directory
It is a comprehensive identity and access management solution that gives you a robust set of capabilities to manage users and groups. You can get the reliability and scalability you need with identity services that work with your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environment.
It is an Open Source Identity and Access Management For Modern Applications and Services. It adds authentication to applications and secure services with minimum fuss. No need to deal with storing users or authenticating users. It's all available out of the box.
Amazon Cognito
You can create unique identities for your users through a number of public login providers (Amazon, Facebook, and Google) and also support unauthenticated guests. You can save app data locally on users’ devices allowing your applications to work even when the devices are offline.
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