My wonderfully short stack because I'm short aaaaaaaand I fall short of expectations :( This is also less a stack for a project and more like all the tools I have ever touched

  • Because Github.

  • Because python looks so pretty. And I love snakes.

  • I love how easy it is to get started.

  • Because it's Github.

  • I mount my drive and code in there sometimes now that I don't use fuse osx.

  • For

  • I used pycharm for Machine learning. Then I switched back to sublime and I am going to try atom now.

  • Lots have hacking 32_bit Ubuntu (buffer overflow). And also using it because I can't program in windows with out running into a wall at times.

  • I mostly just use it when I need to customize something from Bootstrap or *SemanticUI *and when I need to tweak tiny details or get around the limitations of Javascript.

  • std::cout << "Hello World!" << std::endl;

  • Exclusively for Unity. No .NET sorry :/

  • Machine Learning in EECS 445

  • Machine Learning in EECS 445

  • EECS 445 and All of Linear Algebra

    Nuff said

  • I used this a lot more than I used Jupyter.

  • EECS 445 and MDST

    Used it for that sometimes mostly I tried to use it for something I was doing in MDST. I have failed to actually properly use it to it's full potential.

  • MDST

    We deployed an app for flint. It was cool I guess. I wasn't as apart of it as I should have been.

  • I use it for janky reasons when I need to fix an issue that I can't figure out how to do properly: JQuery it is!

  • I SQL sometimes.

  • Used with the processing language.

  • I have used it in my Front-end here and there but not XOR-ly for that purpose like using React or angular which I have not used because I'm bad at front end but I want to get better. I used to like web hacking and so there was heavy javascript use. IT WAS ALL ETHICAL I SWEAR!!

  • I used to be an EE major so you can see where that comes from.

  • Made a couple of things with an arduino mostly interactive artwork installations.

  • Made a couple of web apps with Flask, Python, SQLAlchemy.

  • I make comics and artwork

  • I used photoshop to make a few concert posters.

  • It's pretty. Used it once for MDST.

  • It was the first framework I learned how to use for Web Dev class EECS 485.