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What is Email on Acid?

Email on Acid is the most affordable, self-serve email testing platform in the world. We can help you maximize the success of your email marketing efforts by diagnosing and improving your renderability, deliverability, click-throughs and conversions.

Email on Acid is a tool in the Email Testing category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Email on Acid?

8 companies use Email on Acid including Blossom Smart Watering, Opportunity Network, and All of Even Financial.

Why people like Email on Acid

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Email on Acid's Features

  • Preview your email in 8 operating systems, 6 web browsers, and 32 email clients - all within one click.
  • Preview your email before you send it!- We manage hundreds of servers and mobile devices to deliver you the fastest results possible.
  • Our Code Analysis identifies individual lines of code that are not supported in each email client.- Discrepancies are classified as critical, moderate, or minor. Critical errors might adversely affect your layout whereas minor errors might include unsupported fonts, alt, or title tags.
  • Use our library of tips and tricks to resolve issues - fast!- Since 2008, we've documented tons of quirky nuances that you might encounter when developing your HTML email. Details and work-a-round solutions are provided for each individual client, all from within your test result window!
  • Link & Image Validation- We'll check to ensure that each of your link and image references are valid.
  • Spell Check- We support English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French!
  • Character Conversion- Make sure your special characters remain intact using our free conversion tool. Here's more on that topic.
  • Code Validation (optional)- When it comes to email, WC3 standards are more important than ever! For this reason, we run a pre-flight check on your email before we process your results.
  • Client Interpretation- Clients like Outlook 2007 & 2010 convert your original source code making it difficult to identify the cause of rendering issues. With this feature, you can compare your HTML - before and after.
  • Recommendations- Using our library of known tips and tricks, we'll scan through your source code and make recommendations that will improve your renderability. It's a great way to catch something you might have missed while perusing through your test results.

Email on Acid's alternatives

  • Litmus - Email Testing and Email Marketing Analytics
  • Mailtrap - Send emails from your development and staging environments without spamming real customers.
  • Premailer - Pre-flight for HTML email
  • Mailinator - Test email receipt with 1000's of inboxes

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