What is Embedly?

Embed- Get the world’s most powerful tool for embedding videos, photos, and rich media into websites. Extract- Use the elements—colors, text, keywords, and entities—that you want from articles. Discard the rest automatically. Display- Use the elements—colors, text, keywords, and entities—that you want from articles. Discard the rest automatically.Make the images you use look great—and display quickly—on any screen, every time.
Embedly is a tool in the Embedding as a Service category of a tech stack.

Who uses Embedly?

25 companies use Embedly in their tech stacks, including reddit, UserVoice, and Podio.

6 developers use Embedly.

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Why developers like Embedly?

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Embedly Reviews

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Jurriaan Persyn
Jurriaan Persyn
CTO & Co-founder at Clarabridge · | 1 upvotes · 200 views
atClarabridge Engage

Helps us in showing thumbnails & detailed images for urls found in tracked social data. Embedly

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Embedly's features

  • Add embeddable media and more to your site- Make your website more engaging with video, images, audio, and more. Embed turns any URL into embeddable content.
  • Get more value from articles- Extract allows you to harvest important features from articles—so you can use written content how you want to. Control colors, text, keywords, and entities in any article on your site. Remove extraneous information
  • Picture perfect—every time- Display adjusts images to display correctly on your site. It saves you the hassle of resizing every image, and saves your users—even those on mobile devices—the pain of waiting for incorrectly optimized images to load.

Embedly Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Embedly?
Simple API gives you responsive embed codes and semantic data for videos, photos, slideshows or any URL. YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, Twitter - all the usual suspects plus over 1500 others. Parsers based on oEmbed, Open-Graph, Twitter Cards and are available as open-source or as hosted cloud API.

Embedly's Stats

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