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The Famous Framework is a new JavaScript framework for creating reusable, composable, and interchangeable UI widgets and applications. It balances declarative with imperative and functional with stateful, and it's built on top of the Famous Engine.

Famous Framework's Features
  • Reusability / interchangability. The Famous Framework is built around powerful constraints and a declarative syntax that make it possible for components to be reused and interchanged.
  • Application consistency. In an ecosystem where widgets/applications/utilities all follow the same guidelines, developers and designers both reap the benefits: less trial and error when attempting to integrate with others' projects.
  • Integration with existing web standards. Although our integration is far from complete, from the beginning we've aimed to design and build the framework around existing web standards.
  • Static analyzability: Components that follow the constraints established by the Famous Framework can be staticaly analyzed, which hints at some exciting possibilities for tools and services that could be built on top.

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