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Developer at Whiskynet
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We were about to migrate our older PHP 7.0 + Symfony 2.8 + Sylius 0.17 based E-commerce site to a more recent PHP stack. We were leaning towards Laravel as that has become our primary Framework in the recent years.

We chose Vanilo because it is so modular that it let us do the migration step by step and we could add the components we needed on the run. In total it took us 9 months to migrate everything from the old PHP 7.0 Symfony codebase to PHP 7.4/Laravel/Vanilo. We could also copy the old Admin theme to Vanilo thus the Admin users don't see any difference.

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Attila Fulop
Attila Fulop
January 21st 2021 at 3:49PM

It's good to hear that the modularity of Vanilo can be so helpful in such situations. Apparently, Modular Monolith is a really viable alternative when it comes to application manageability.