Manage Gitlab, GitHub and Bitbucket from the command line

What is Git-Repo?

Control your remote git hosting services from the git commandline. The usage is very simple.

Git-Repo is a tool in the Git Tools category of a tech stack.

Git-Repo is an open source tool with 791 Github Stars and 64 Github Forks. Here’s a link to Git-Repo's open source repository on Github

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Why people like Git-Repo

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Git-Repo's alternatives

  • Diff So Fancy - Make Git diffs look good
  • pre-commit - A slightly improved pre-commit hook for git
  • GVFS - Git Virtual File System (by Microsoft)
  • hub - Wraps Git with extra features that make working with GitHub easier (by GitHub)
  • Working Copy - The powerful Git client for iOS

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