Continuously build, test, and deploy.

What is Google Cloud Build?

Cloud Build lets you build software quickly across all languages. Get complete control over defining custom workflows for building, testing, and deploying across multiple environments such as VMs, serverless, Kubernetes, or Firebase.

Google Cloud Build is a tool in the Continuous Deployment category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Google Cloud Build?

7 companies use Google Cloud Build including Policygenius, 8villages, and autingo.

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Why people like Google Cloud Build

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Google Cloud Build.

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Here are some stack decisions and reviews by companies and developers who chose Google Cloud Build in their tech stack.

Emanuel Evans
Emanuel Evans
Senior Architect at Rainforest QA · | 12 upvotes · 6129 views
atRainforest QA
Google Cloud Build
Google Cloud Memorystore
Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
Google Kubernetes Engine

We recently moved our main applications from Heroku to Kubernetes . The 3 main driving factors behind the switch were scalability (database size limits), security (the inability to set up PostgreSQL instances in private networks), and costs (GCP is cheaper for raw computing resources).

We prefer using managed services, so we are using Google Kubernetes Engine with Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL for our PostgreSQL databases and Google Cloud Memorystore for Redis . For our CI/CD pipeline, we are using CircleCI and Google Cloud Build to deploy applications managed with Helm . The new infrastructure is managed with Terraform .

Read the blog post to go more in depth.

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Google Cloud Build's Features

  • Commit to deploy in minutes
  • Choose what to build
  • Extremely fast builds
  • Automate your deployments
  • Define your custom workflow
  • Unparalleled privacy
  • Native Docker support
  • Generous free tier
  • Powerful insights
  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Build locally or in the cloud

Google Cloud Build's alternatives

  • Buddy - Build, test and deploy on push in seconds.
  • AWS CodePipeline - Continuous delivery service for fast and reliable application updates
  • DeployBot - Instantly deploy from Github, Bitbucket, or Gitlab without complex scripts, commands or configs.
  • Deployer - Deployment Tool for PHP
  • Spinnaker - Multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence

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