Run stateless HTTP containers on a fully managed environment or in your own GKE cluster

What is Google Cloud Run?

A managed compute platform that enables you to run stateless containers that are invocable via HTTP requests. It's serverless by abstracting away all infrastructure management.

Google Cloud Run is a tool in the Serverless / Task Processing category of a tech stack.

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Why people like Google Cloud Run

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use Google Cloud Run.

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Google Cloud Run's Features

  • Simple developer experience
  • Fast autoscaling
  • Managed
  • Any language, any library, any binary
  • Leverage container workflows and standards
  • Redundancy
  • Integrated logging and monitoring
  • Built on Knative
  • Custom domains

Google Cloud Run's alternatives

  • AWS Lambda - Automatically run code in response to modifications to objects in Amazon S3 buckets, messages in Kinesis streams, or updates in DynamoDB
  • Serverless - The most widely-adopted toolkit for building serverless applications
  • Cloud Functions for Firebase - Run your mobile backend code without managing servers
  • Google Cloud Functions - A serverless environment to build and connect cloud services
  • Azure Functions - Listen and react to events across your stack

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