What is GraphQL Ruby?

Get going fast with the graphql gem, battle-tested and trusted by GitHub and Shopify.
GraphQL Ruby is a tool in the Query Languages category of a tech stack.
GraphQL Ruby is an open source tool with 3.8K GitHub stars and 717 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to GraphQL Ruby's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses GraphQL Ruby?

10 companies reportedly use GraphQL Ruby in their tech stacks, including Twitter, StackShare, and Buildkite.

22 developers on StackShare have stated that they use GraphQL Ruby.

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Why developers like GraphQL Ruby?

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Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
Senior Software Engineer at StackShare · | 5 upvotes · 2.6K views
GraphQL Cache
GraphQL Ruby

When we went all in on adopting GraphQL Ruby as our backend API standard there wasn't any good way to handle fine grain caching of resolved fields. We could hack around it caching the entire JSON document, but this was too heavy-handed. We also needed to expose real-time fields next to large cached collections in our schema which isn't possible this way.

To solve the problem we built GraphQL Cache which is a custom plugin for GraphQL Ruby that provides field-level caching. The gem integrates with Rails so that it can be easily dropped into an app and used to cache computational or network intensive resolvers at a layer similar to the Rails controllers we're all used to. For more information on why and how GraphQL Cache came to be, read the blog post linked to this decision.

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GraphQL Ruby's Features

  • Define Your Schema - Describe your application with the GraphQL type system to create a self-documenting, strongly-typed API.
  • Run Queries - Serve queries to build a great UI or webservice.

GraphQL Ruby Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to GraphQL Ruby?
GraphQL is a data query language and runtime designed and used at Facebook to request and deliver data to mobile and web apps since 2012.
Prisma is a powerful database tool used for data access, migrations and visual data management. It replaces traditional ORMs and removes friction from complicated database workflows.
Oracle PL/SQL
It is available in Oracle Database, TimesTen in-memory database, and IBM DB2. Oracle Corporation usually extends PL/SQL functionality with each successive release of the Oracle Database.
Graphene is a Python library for building GraphQL schemas/types fast and easily.
t is a format that works with HTTP. A main goal of the specification is to optimize HTTP requests both in terms of the number of requests and the size of data packages exchanged between clients and servers.
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