Real-time customer support across all types of channels - email, web, mobile, live chat, Twitter, Facebook and more.
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Groove’s dashboard puts your email, live chat, Twitter and Facebook communication in one place, making customer support management hassle-free.

GrooveHQ's Features
  • Ticket Management- From submission to resolution, Groove's intuitive features make customer support easier, with tools that organize, automate and manage your workflow.
  • Custom Folders- Save time and get through customer support requests faster by organizing your tickets into custom folders.
  • Custom Rules- Simplify and automate ticket management by creating custom rules to assign, forward, prioritize tickets and more.
  • Canned Replies- Create canned replies for frequently sent messages and avoid having to type the same reply over and over again.
  • Twitter & Facebook Integration- Connect your Twitter account to turn Tweets into tickets and respond to customers from your Groove dashboard. Manage and reply to customers' posts on your Facebook Timeline, or easily convert them into tickets.
  • Agent Profiles- Get more out of ticket automation and manage your workflow better by organizing your support agents into groups.
  • Satisfaction Ratings- Show your customers how much you care and motivate your agents to be awesome with satisfaction ratings.
  • LiveChat Integration- Turn live chats into tickets with a single click, and resolve existing tickets faster by inviting customers to chat.

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