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I'm a student, and I have a project to build an application (Visual analytics tool) that takes a Microsoft Excel file, cleans the data, and visualizes it. Also, the app should allow the user to filter and interact with it.

1- should I make it desktop application or web application? : I'm leaning toward (desktop)

2- D3.js OR Python?

3- better excel or CSV?

I'm a beginner Inspiration for interaction and look of the app: eventflow application.

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I would specifically recommend basing your application on Pandas which will handle the vast majority of the work for you. You will be amazed at what you will be able to get done with only a few lines of code.

Pandas can load the data from either Excel xslx files or csv files (and a lot of other places)

If you structure your code well you can have a cross platform command line program, a GUI desktop program, a Jupyter Notebook and a web service all with the vast majority of the code in common.

A jupyter notebook is a great place to start developing your code and may be all that you need.

Some plug-ins & resources that can help: - pandas-summary (for a rapid overview of the data): - pandasgui (for exploring what you would like to do): - Pandas-Bokeh (plotting): - (plotting): - wxPython (for a desktop GUI):

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October 30th 2020 at 4:17PM

yes. plotly xor bokeh. either would work.

November 1st 2020 at 6:19AM

it did not cross my mind "big data" things ..Thanks

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Web app, definitely. It will help you find a job quicker out of school since the industry is moving towards SaaS and PaaS.

Python, it’s just so damn good when it comes to interaction with data.

CSV all the way because it’ll apply to a broader user base than Excel.

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