A scalable time series database based on Cassandra and Elasticsearch, by Spotify
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Heroic is Spotify's in-house time series database. It was built to address the challenges Spotify was facing with near real-time data collection and presentation at scale.

Heroic's Features
  • heroic-core contains the com.spotify.heroic.HeroicCore class which is the central building block for setting up a Heroic instance.
  • heroic-elasticsearch-utils is a collection of utilities for interacting with Elasticsearch. This is separate since we have more than one backend that needs to talk with elasticsearch.
  • heroic-parser provides an Antlr4 implementation of com.spotify.heroic.grammar.QueryParser, which is used to parse the Heroic DSL.
  • heroic-shell contains com.spotify.heroic.HeroicShell, a shell capable of either running a standalone, or connecting to an existing Heroic instance for administration.