Inter-Service Communication with RabbitMQ

What is Hutch?

Hutch is a Ruby library for enabling asynchronous inter-service communication in a service-oriented architecture, using RabbitMQ.

Hutch is a tool in the Message Queue category of a tech stack.

Hutch is an open source tool with 696 Github Stars and 105 Github Forks. Here’s a link to Hutch's open source repository on Github

Who Uses Hutch?

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Hutch's Features

  • A simple way to define consumers (queues are automatically created and bound to the exchange with the appropriate binding keys)
  • An executable and CLI for running consumers (akin to rake resque:work)
  • Automatic setup of the central exchange
  • Sensible out-of-the-box configuration (e.g. durable messages, persistent queues, message acknowledgements)
  • Management of queue subscriptions
  • Rails integration
  • Configurable exception handling

Hutch's alternatives

  • RabbitMQ - RabbitMQ is a messaging broker - an intermediary for messaging
  • Kafka - Distributed, fault tolerant, high throughput pub-sub messaging system
  • Amazon SQS - Fully managed message queuing service
  • Celery - Distributed task queue
  • ActiveMQ - A message broker written in Java together with a full JMS client

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