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Open-source platform to invoice, track payments, expenses, and time billable tasks for clients
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What is Invoice Ninja?

It is an open-source platform to invoice, track payments, expenses, and time billable tasks for clients. Less time working, more time living. Create. Send. Get Paid.
Invoice Ninja is a tool in the Payments Tools category of a tech stack.
Invoice Ninja is an open source tool with 7.8K GitHub stars and 2.2K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Invoice Ninja's open source repository on GitHub

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Simon Block
Founder at Der Mainbauer · | 7 upvotes · 78.5K views
Needs advice

Hi folks

We want to move on from Shopify to a headless commerce system. We want to be able to manage multiple storefronts and integrate alternative order solutions like Whats App and social commerce etc. Same time we want to avoid full blown systems with a lot of unnecessary weight. My idea for the stack, so far:

  • Spree Commerce (Shop System),
  • Bloomreach (CMS),
  • Vue Storefront (Frontend)

I will have to integrate billing solution (like Invoice Ninja), LexOffice for accounting, Optimoroute for the salesman problem, and some more. So flexibility and "easy expandability" is a core demand. Having said that I came across Medusa. It looks promising and seems to check all the boxes. Any thoughts? Basically, it's a decision between Ruby and JavaScript, is it? Can you name me pros and cons of one or both of the systems? What are the serious challenges that I will face going down either one of the roads? Is there another solution that you would highly recommend?

I've linked our shop, currently running with Shopify.


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Invoice Ninja's Features

  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Expenses & Vendors
  • Proposals Creation
  • Time-Tracking, Projects & Kanban

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