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Bootstrap is a great idea until your designer wants something that doesn't fit neatly into a 12 column paradigm. Then things start to get difficult. We've had to add customizations and tweaks to Bootstrap-ed HTML that by the time we were done, we would have been better off just going straight CSS. Bootstrap helps with responsiveness, but again, it's an "80/20" solution at best. And that 20 percent can be a nightmare. Plus, most clients have this odd belief that you just drop Bootstrap into an app, and abracadabra, your site is totally responsive over every type of screen and form factor in existence. This is not the case. We have had MUCH better and faster results with Tailwind CSS. Our designers are happy we're not trying to force them into a Bootstrap-friendly design, and even with responsive sites, development has been easier and faster.

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Lead Application Architect at TekPartners