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Go for Laravel 8 (not 7, obviously because it's the latest version and has a lot of new features and bug fixes) when it comes to backend coding.

Go for Vue.js (if you don't have any preference) because it is having by default configuration setup in Laravel).

Pick MySQL or PostgreSQL both work fine.

If you know GCP, go for it, otherwise go for Heroku.

Avoid spending time on hosting setup - prefer PaaS based solutions.

In Laravel, try Laravel Breeze or Jetstream - these might make the development much faster - at least for the basic setup that is there.

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Flutter is an SDK to build cross-platform mobile apps Android Studio is an IDE focused on mobile app development

There is no "OR" option here. You can use Flutter and Android Studio both in a project - these 2 exist for different purposes and do not overlap, hence no competition.

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