Decision at Hecate about delayed_job, PostgreSQL, ngrok, Create React App, Rails, Docker Compose

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Docker Compose might have been a bit of overkill for a dev environment as a solo founder, but I'd found so much with past side projects (though this is no longer a side project) that I would frequently waste time every time I came back to work on the project getting my dev env sorted again.

Made the conscious choice to make a "prod-ish" docker-compose config up front to make sure that didn't bite me again.

Structured it so I have the following containers running

  • server - the Rails app in API style
  • client - the Create React App
  • ngrok - ngrok to receive webhooks in dev
  • db - PostgreSQL
  • queues - delayed_job worker
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Francisco Quintero
Francisco Quintero
March 15th 2019 at 2:41pm

Ngrok is a time saver for webhooks configs.

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John Barton

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