Cloud Infrastructure for Real-time Web and Mobile Applications.
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Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, offering the only solution specifically built to power real-time web and mobile applications.

Joyent Cloud's Features
  • Joyent offers exclusive debugging and performance analysis tools for Node.js applications.
  • High-performance machines- Joyent Cloud uses fresh Nehalem/Westmere processors and 15k RPM HDs in our data centers. I/O throttling ensures that “noisy neighbors” won’t cause your application to perform poorly.
  • Dynamic CPU scaling- Dynamic, real-time CPU scaling. Vertical bursting CPU capacity without user intervention or additional fees.
  • Hadoop- Joyent's big data servers for Hadoop offer bare-metal performance allowing you to run nearly 3x faster or at 1/3 the cost of other cloud offerings.
  • Copy-on-write file system- Copy-on-write file system architected on ZFS. Resiliency for the entire application stack, data integrity checks (for Linux, Windows and SmartOS).
  • Runs Linux, SmartOS, and Windows
  • Pre-defined database packages and appliances- Optimized machines for CouchDB, Hadoop, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgrSQL and Riak. Integration with leading database-as-a-service offerings from MongoLabs.
  • Real-time analytics and visualization- Cloud analytics provides visualization of the entire system landscape. Point-and-click root cause analysis.
  • Secure Zones and Data Centers- Zones provide steel-wall security to prevent other tenants from accessing or impacting your VM.
  • API and integration- True REST APIs, includes SSH insertion for M2M or secure management and “live key” rotation for easier management across multiple VMs.
  • Broad Eco-system of partners- Complete library of images, tools and application add-ons available.
  • Self-service provisioning- Be up and running in seconds. Add new capacity at a click of a button.
  • Networking, Bandwidth and SLAs- All Tier-1 ISPs, 10gbs/40gbs fully-meshed network. 20TB per month as part of service. SLAs have exceeded 99.9999% targets for compute, network and connectivity uptime for entire history of the services.

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