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Kafka GUI for topics, topics data, consumers group, schema registry, connect and more
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What is KafkaHQ?

It is a Kafka GUI for topics, topics data, consumers group, schema registry, connect and more. It works with modern Kafka cluster.
KafkaHQ is a tool in the Kafka Tools category of a tech stack.
KafkaHQ is an open source tool with 1.4K GitHub stars and 138 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to KafkaHQ's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses KafkaHQ?

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KafkaHQ's Features

  • Works with modern Kafka cluster (1.0+)
  • Connection on standard or ssl, sasl cluster
  • Multi cluster
  • View data, offset, key, timestamp & headers
  • Automatic deserializarion of avro message encoded with schema registry
  • Configurations view
  • Logs view
  • Delete a record
  • Sort view
  • Filter per partitions
  • Filter with a starting time
  • Filter data with a search string

KafkaHQ Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to KafkaHQ?
Kafka Manager
This interface makes it easier to identify topics which are unevenly distributed across the cluster or have partition leaders unevenly distributed across the cluster. It supports management of multiple clusters, preferred replica election, replica re-assignment, and topic creation. It is also great for getting a quick bird’s eye view of the cluster.
This gem is a modern Kafka client library for Ruby based on librdkafka. It wraps the production-ready C client using the ffi gem and targets Kafka 1.0+ and Ruby 2.3+.
DoctorKafka can automatically detect broker failure and reassign the workload on the failed nodes to other nodes. DoctorKafka can also perform load balancing based on topic partitions's network usage, and makes sure that broker network usage does not exceed the defined settings.

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