Keen is the embedded analytics API that makes shipping custom user-facing analytics easy and seamless.
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Keen is a set of powerful APIs that allow you to collect, analyze, and visualize events from anything connected to the internet. Send all your data โ€“ any event, from any source, all the time, any time. Keen IO was specifically built to capture and store event data โ€” those constant little interactions that happen all day, every day, in your apps. Event data can be anything, and Keen IO gives you the ability to grab as much of it as you want, then store it forever on our cloud database.

Keen's Features
  • You can track any kind of interaction that is happening in your website, mobile app, or backend. Simply insert some code to start sending a particular event to Keen IO whenever it happens. For example, if you want to track button taps, you put some code in your app to send an event to Keen IO whenever someone clicks that button.
  • Run counts, sums, funnels, averages, segmentation and much more, using simple queries
  • Draw and chart your data and display it in a custom dashboard, an analytics tab in your app, or white labeled for your customers

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