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What is KeePassXC?

It is a cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application “Keepass Password Safe”. It can store your passwords safely and auto-type them into your everyday websites and applications.
KeePassXC is a tool in the Password Management category of a tech stack.
KeePassXC is an open source tool with 10.2K GitHub stars and 827 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to KeePassXC's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses KeePassXC?

4 companies reportedly use KeePassXC in their tech stacks, including our-stack, BulutArti, and uepg.

17 developers on StackShare have stated that they use KeePassXC.

KeePassXC Integrations

Linux, Windows, macOS, Google Chrome, and Firefox are some of the popular tools that integrate with KeePassXC. Here's a list of all 8 tools that integrate with KeePassXC.
Pros of KeePassXC

KeePassXC's Features

  • Auto-Type on all three major platforms (Linux, Windows, macOS)
  • Twofish encryption
  • YubiKey challenge-response support
  • TOTP generation
  • CSV import
  • Stand-alone password and passphrase generator
  • Password strength meter
  • Using website favicons as entry icons
  • Merging of databases

KeePassXC Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to KeePassXC?
It is an open source password manager. Passwords can be stored in highly-encrypted databases, which can be unlocked with one master password or key file.
bitwarden is the easiest and safest way to store and sync your passwords across all of your devices.
It is a free cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass. It tries to address this issue by providing KeePass users with options to create a self-hosted version of KeePass on the Internet.
LastPass Enterprise offers your employees and admins a single, unified experience that combines the power of SAML SSO coupled with enterprise-class password vaulting. LastPass is your first line of defense in the battle to protect your digital assets from the significant risks associated with employee password re-use and phishing.
Private by design, 1Password is the most trusted password manager for business and enterprise. Store and share important data safely, and secure teams at scale.
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