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KickoffLabs provides landing pages and an API for both validating and launching your next idea with real customers. KickoffLabs enables customers build simple sign-up websites and communicate with early adopters before they launch.

KickoffLabs's Features
  • Landing page designer
  • Landing page hosting
  • Unlimited sign-ups & visitors
  • Videos and slideshows
  • Pictures and screenshots
  • Custom colors
  • Search engine optimization
  • Landing page templates
  • White label
  • Add custom CSS
  • Edit page HTML
  • Create custom online forms
  • Add a sign-up bar for your own site
  • Put our sign-up widget anywhere on the web
  • Get affiliate link per user
  • Send newsletters
  • Autoresponder sign-up emails
  • Export your customer list
  • Landing page performance analytics
  • Identify Influencers
  • Basic customer demographics
  • Magic contact customer data