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What is Kitematic?

Simple Docker App management for Mac OS X

Kitematic is a tool in the Container Tools category of a tech stack.

Kitematic is an open source tool with 10.2K Github Stars and 1.2K Github Forks. Here’s a link to Kitematic's open source repository on Github

Who Uses Kitematic?

4 companies use Kitematic including Docker, Car Throttle, and Athento.

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Amarin Boonkirt
Amarin Boonkirt
Full Stack Developer at UzaWeb · | 1 upvotes · 2072 views

Python PHP Eclipse GitLab Kitematic Docker #DevEnv I selected PHP for General Web Platform, And Python for other special things.

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Kitematic's Features

  • Mac App with GUI for Docker
  • Create images from any folder with a Dockerfile in it
  • Configure environment variables
  • Check App logs
  • Easily terminal into apps
  • Restart apps

Kitematic's alternatives

  • Kubernetes - Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops
  • Docker Compose - Define and run multi-container applications with Docker
  • Rancher - Open Source Platform for Running a Private Container Service
  • Docker Swarm - Native clustering for Docker. Turn a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual host.
  • Docker Machine - Machine management for a container-centric world

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