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i started to work on web development. right now, i know html, css, Bootstrap and designed a website with them. i dont know backend part. i have basic Python knowledge.i dont want to use only html and css alone. Want to push myself to next step. suggest me whether i should start learning AngularJS or Django further. i am ready to put efforts and difficulty not matters to me. it should have good scope in future as well freelancing projects....

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Hey friend, first of all, nice to listen your journey. Hold on it. It is not easy, but it pays. My advice to you is to try NodeJs and Express as webframework for the beckend part. I am pythonist, so Django lives in my heart. But, in the beginning, I think you wanna speed up. So, trying Node coudl be good cause you will learn JavaScript, that you will use a lot at frontend too.

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Of the two options you mentioned, only Django is a backend technology. AngularJS is another toolkit to build web applications, though more of a framework with a complete set of technology than Bootstrap which is just a UI library.

I think that the best way to push yourself forward is indeed to learn multiple technologies and multiple programming languages, and Python is often a good choice - it is simple, clean and has a lot of mindshare (i.e. you can easily find help).

So when looking at the next technology to learn and the next programming language, Django is a good choice. If you want to stick with Javascript, then I can echo the recommendation to look at Node.JS as a backend service - though if you want to push yourself and become a better software engineer, then putting all your eggs in the Javascript corner is probably not the best choice. Good engineers have a large set of tools to draw from and knowing more than 1 language can both increase your marketability and tech you to think in more than 1 way.

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