Always evolving. Here's stuff I've deployed and liked.

  • Full-lifecycle communications via email and in-app messaging, for batch and automated campaigns.

  • Integration of various user data sources and destinations for marketing automation, communications, and analytics.

  • Offer landing pages, and other quick form pages for both external and internal use.

  • Hosting and insights on video content and on-demand webinars.

  • Analytics and insights about web pages.

  • Analytics and insights about users.

  • Integrating cloud services, and sending user events and traits to the Segment HTTP API.

  • Collaboration, messaging, notifications.

  • Forms, sheets, collaboration.

  • Top-of-funnel email campaigns. Email communication with people who exist outside of our core automated systems (aka outside of our digital journey).

  • Quick content changes, a/b tests.

  • Sales CRM to track activity with leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts. Marketing systems automatically sync with SFDC using a combination of Zapier and Segment.

  • Aggregation of user events and traits across a marketing website, SaaS web application, user account provisioning backend and Salesforce CRM. Enables full-funnel analysis of campaign ROI, customer acquisition, engagement and retention at both the user and target account level.

  • BI front-end to a Google BigQuery warehouse. Data exploration, dashboards, audience segmentation, workflow integrations. Can define audiences and take action via Webhook and Segment API integrations.