This is not a concrete Stack, it is more or less the collection of tools and concepts, I use to develop web applications.

  • Application/http-server for everything except static data.

  • Storage for unstructured, linked and timeseries data.

  • Storage for geo data.

  • Frontend test system.

  • Drawing of diagrams and maps.

  • Client Framework, integrates niceley with d3 and websockets, if you know how...

  • Very nice programming language, used for backend integration.

  • 'The' editor for erlang/otp-systems, integrates niceley with git.

  • The one and only version control system.

  • The place for non-puiblic repositories. I appreciate their nice user interface and pricing model.

  • Webserver for static data.

  • I won't write pure css anymore, after getting to know this nice preprocessor.

  • Nice templating system, but lacks proper namespacing for non-html / xml data.

  • Storage for relational data

  • Editor for Javascript, Jade/HTML and SCSS/stylefiles.

  • Communications.

  • I use node.js mainly for backend-utility and data management scripts.

  • General communications. Almost everyone has skype, or at least knows how to use it...