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We are highly dependent on G Suite for all our collaboration and productivity needs, from Gmail and Calendar to Sheets and Docs. While it may not be as robust as Microsoft's offerings in those areas, it's totally cloud-based, we've never had any downtime issues and it integrates well with our other tools like Slack. We write and collaborate on all our specs/PRDs in Docs, share analyses via Sheets and handle our meetings via Calendar. #StackDecisionsLaunch #ProductivitySuite #Collaboration #DocumentCollaboration

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Over time, as our teams became bigger and projects became more complex, we started to take agile processes more seriously and wanted more advanced (by our standards) project management abilities, like burndown charts, velocity tracking, etc. We also wanted to handle a lot of content management tasks that were primarily done by non-technical teams but often touched engineering.

After using Pivotal Tracker and Wrike, JIRA ended up being the right choice for us. Its design was flexible enough to do engineering project management, content management and other tasks like product roadmapping effectively. It had all the bells and whistles we wanted (plus many more we never got around to using). Given that it is a flexible service that tries to do everything, it is ideal for a team that can 1) dedicate significant bandwidth to upfront setup and organization and 2) empower admins to establish and enforce best practices among team members.

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