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Enterprise distributed relational database with high availability, high performance, horizontal scalability, and compatibility with SQL standards
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What is OceanBase?

It is a native distributed relational database. It is developed entirely by Alibaba and Ant Group. It is built on a common server cluster. Based on the Paxos protocol and its distributed structure, it provides high availability and linear scalability. It is not dependent on specific hardware architectures.
OceanBase is a tool in the Databases category of a tech stack.
OceanBase is an open source tool with 5.1K GitHub stars and 1.1K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to OceanBase's open source repository on GitHub

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OceanBase's Features

  • High availability Single server failure recovers automatically. OceanBase Database supports cross-city disaster tolerance for multiple IDCs and zero data loss. OceanBase Database meets the financial industry Level 6 disaster recovery standard (RPO=0, RTO<=30 seconds)
  • Linear scalability OceanBase Database scales transparently to applications and balances the system load automatically. Its cluster can contain more than 1500 nodes. The data volume can reach petabytes. The records in a single table can be more than a trillion rows
  • Highly compatible with MySQL OceanBase Database is compatible with MySQL protocol and syntax. You can access to OceanBase Database by using MySQL client
  • High performance OceanBase Database supports quasi memory level data change and exclusive encoding compression. Together with the linear scalability, OceanBase Database provides high performance
  • Low cost OceanBase Database uses PC servers and cheap SSDs. Its high storage compression ratio and high performance also reduce the storage cost and the computing cost
  • Multi-tenancy OceanBase Database supports native multi-tenancy architecture. One cluster supports multiple businesses. Data is isolated among tenants. This reduces the deployment, operation, and maintenance costs

OceanBase Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to OceanBase?
The MySQL software delivers a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user, and robust SQL (Structured Query Language) database server. MySQL Server is intended for mission-critical, heavy-load production systems as well as for embedding into mass-deployed software.
PostgreSQL is an advanced object-relational database management system that supports an extended subset of the SQL standard, including transactions, foreign keys, subqueries, triggers, user-defined types and functions.
MongoDB stores data in JSON-like documents that can vary in structure, offering a dynamic, flexible schema. MongoDB was also designed for high availability and scalability, with built-in replication and auto-sharding.
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft® SQL Server is a database management and analysis system for e-commerce, line-of-business, and data warehousing solutions.
SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine. Unlike most other SQL databases, SQLite does not have a separate server process. SQLite reads and writes directly to ordinary disk files. A complete SQL database with multiple tables, indices, triggers, and views, is contained in a single disk file.
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