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Build a Knowledge Base straight from your Slack conversations
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What is OneBar?

An internal knowledge base for your team that integrates deeply with Slack, and uses NLP techniques to help you build content automatically.
OneBar is a tool in the Slack Tools category of a tech stack.

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OneBar Integrations

OneBar's Features

  • Knowledge management
  • Slack integration
  • Q&A
  • Content linking
  • Content embedding
  • Automatic question answering
  • Automatic content suggestions
  • Automatic expert suggestions
  • Duplicate resolution

OneBar Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to OneBar?
Translate text into any language from within Slack. You can translate messages from others, your own messages, or any text. Power features include posting translations to the channel and automatically translating all messages posted to a channel.
Slack-first, serverless DevOps platform for automating developer workflows in the CLI + Slack, without having to build for each specific platform. In short, streamline and accelerate your development team by enabling DevOps on Slack. We call it SlackOps.
Missions allows you to create and manage the end-to-end workflows for an unlimited number of processes. Completely customizable, workflows can be as simple or complex as you need. No coding required.
It makes it easy for your team to create and track help requests and streamlines your support process. It automatically maps all of your service request forms to Slack and creates workflows for each request type.
Slack Workflow Builder
With Workflow Builder, Slack users can easily create custom workflows that allow them to do all sorts of things, like: Standardize how requests are collected Triage outages in real time Get new team members up to speed with welcome messages
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