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What is OneSky?

OneSky provides a powerful cloud-based translation management system (TMS) that streamlines the entire translation management process for mobile apps, websites and documents. OneSky offers professional translation services and application testing solutions in 60+ languages. Over 3,000 companies have used OneSky to expand their global presence.

OneSky is a tool in the Translation Service category of a tech stack.

Who Uses OneSky?

9 companies use OneSky including Viber, Scribd, and Sparq Events.

Why people like OneSky

Here’s a list of reasons why companies and developers use OneSky.

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OneSky's Features

  • Translation Management System: Online translation editor, easy communication & monitoring tools, voting mechanisms, etc. The perfect tool to manage your own translators and crowdsourced effort.
  • Professional Translation Service: Native professional translators for 47 languages.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance tools, including placeholder validation, length validation, glossary, screenshot functions...etc.
  • Integrate with our API to automate file imports / exports.

OneSky's alternatives

  • Transifex - GitHub for Translation
  • Crowdin - Localization Management Platform
  • PhraseApp - Translate your software better.
  • Qordoba - Create market—specific messaging, imagery and UI—and publish with a single click
  • Smartling - Cloud-Based Translation Management Platform

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