SMS, MMS, E-mail Gateway by OnlineCity ApS

  • Some e-mail communication needs a independent provider, for these purposes we use SES.

  • All incoming requests pass through our high redundancy load balanced nginx instances, no matter if it's static resources for the websites, API calls via uwsgi or TCP stream-based services.

  • Python is (together with C++) the main language of, we use it for the bulk of our APIs.

  • Our status page is run by

  • We use nagios based OpsView to monitor our server farm and keep everything running smoothly.

  • All data not yet commited to PostgreSQL, lives in multiple redis instances. We are heavy users of lua in redis to enable custom queue behavior.

  • The most latency sensitive parts are written in C++. Due to our interconnected services architecture, we use either Python or C++ for each service, with the performance critical parts being C++14.

  • Almost all company communication happens in slack, it's the beating heart of OnlineCity.

  • We are a heavy user of Github, including pull requests for peer review.

  • Travis builds, tests and ultimately deploys our websites and APIs.

  • Our platform is based on interconnected services with a custom RPC protocol based on ZeroMQ and inspired by ZeroMQs LPP/MDP protocols.

  • Sentry is integrated into both the frontend UI and the backend APIs. Soon C++ too!

  • Chatlio enables us to communicate with customers via slack, right on our websites.

  • Our markup is HBS

  • We build our SASS-based CSS with Compass

  • We use a bootstrap based theme for our self service webapp.

  • PostgreSQL is our datastore, used for long term storage and analytics. But not active data, such as messages enroute.

  • Flask drives our APIs, both the Website APIs and the majority of the REST Messaging APIs

  • Code Coverage is an important metric for us as we aim to deliver regular improvements to our platform.

  • We use CF for DNS hosting, since their AnyCast DNS provides the best latency in the business, and they support DNSSEC + IPv6. We don't use the CDN or website optimizations.

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