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Secure and Instant hosting on any network
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What is Packetriot?

It uses a secure reverse tunneling protocol to expose servers on local or private networks to the Internet. It supports HTTP/S and TCP traffic and is built to work behind Firewalls, NATs, and Carrier Grade NATs (CG-NAT). Tunnels are assigned a unique and persistent hostname and connect to the same Packetriot server making it simple to setup custom domains. Integration with Let's Encrypt makes it automatic and simple to secure services. The Packetriot client can serve both upstream web services and static assets eliminating additional tools, such as web servers, and reduce configuration overhead for testing.
Packetriot is a tool in the localhost Tools category of a tech stack.

Who uses Packetriot?

Packetriot Integrations

Packetriot's Features

  • Expose any number of HTTP/S services on any network to the Internet
  • Expose any number of HTTP/S services on any network to the Internet using custom domains
  • TCP port allocation and relaying
  • Password protection for upstream services
  • Custom domain ownership verification
  • Automatic TLS certificate management via Let's Encrypt
  • Custom TLS certificates
  • Transparent TLS proxying
  • Upstream and static asset file-serving removing need additional web servers
  • IP Firewall fitlering
  • Official Docker container image
  • Stable public URL endpoint
  • Persistent traffic rule management and 24/7 operation
  • Systemd services scripts
  • Packages for Debian and RPM
  • Support for Linux, Mac, Windows and OpenBSD

Packetriot Alternatives & Comparisons

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