amalgamation of tools i've played with over the years

  • my goto frontend styling. makes responsive and clean websites as breeze. with less it's the ultimate matchup.

  • i have a love and hate relationship with javascript. feels like no one knows what to do with it. the spaghetti code and callback nightmares... whew. although it is a mess its quite powerful when used correctly, thought it gets abused so much. i'm hoping my jump into clojure will lead me into clojurescript.

  • anything front-end, jquery usually gets used.

  • used angular on 3 projects extensively. slow compared to react but the bindings can be bliss. makes single page interactive websites a breeze.

  • been a pythoner for around 7 years, maybe longer. quite adept at it, and love using the higher constructs like decorators. was my goto scripting language until i fell in love with clojure. python's also the goto for most vfx studios and great for the machine learning. numpy and pyqt for the win.

  • currently using it play around with machine learning. the p2 instances have a tesla card in them!! not too bad for .90c an hour.

  • used at talenthouse as our cache layer and non-persistent data.

  • we used postgres at talenthouse. some of the json stuff in there is pretty awesome. was quite fun using it with scala's slick.

  • used heroku on and off for many projects over the last 5 years. quick and dirty application infrastructure without the headaches. it ain't cheap up its worth the time savings.

  • used backbone models in conjunction with react.

  • first library i setup when working with javascript. period.

  • love me some less. been less styling for around 3 years. makes working with bootstrap and responsive website a breeze. so much power in the language.

  • use it when i need a vm that requires a ui or its the suggested distro to use for development.

  • last time i used the android sdk was converting the tiktok app to ios. what a mess it was back then. the developer nature of the sdk was apparent vs apples offering.

  • used on a recent project, an internal custom app developed for both ios and android.

  • wonderful messaging service. used it at a couple companies.

  • used flask for a few personal projects. enjoyed its simplicity and ease of use.

  • worked with scala for around 2 years. really enjoyed the language and getting back into the world of functional. unfortunately the community is heavily fragmented and the language itself broken and inconsistent. that with the various factions involved made it a put of for long term investment.

  • python remote workers. simple and easy to use.

  • used highcharts for my charting needs on and off for various clients through out the years. just it recently on a project.

  • used play at talenthouse. uber powerful backend.

  • just started learning clojure, maybe around two weeks or so. i'm addicted. this is what i want to be working with and learning for the foreseeable future. the elegance of the language is refreshing. the community is really amazing. i've finally found a language that fits my passion for programming.

  • used in conjunction with ionic to build out ios and android app for a client. a little slow to run on devices but saves a ton on development time.

  • my goto linux distro. what all my vms are created from. small and well built. apt-get rocks. been using it on and off since college.

  • been programming in c for over a decade, since learning it in college. still use it for various low level projects. used it recently to develop an embedded application for a custom board.

  • setup an api for a client with tornado backend. incredibly fast and lightweight. unfortunately breaks down when using third party libraries which block internally.

  • used minimally for storing images and files.

  • used zend with working with a client for around a year.

  • used this when setting up the kubernetes infrastructure for a client.

  • we used akka as our concurrency system at talenthouse. had the chance to write several worker. we used both akka messaging and rabbitmq to communicate. quite a slick system, was fun writing it in scala.

  • worked with a client that used datastore as their backend database. helped plan out their schema and architecture. loved the speed and simplicity.

  • great for sharing documents.

  • used the google maps api on several projects. been an avid user for quite a while. used it all around the world to navigate through public transport and through cities.

  • not a fan but use it since many clients i work with use it.

  • awesome for setting up a free static website with a custom domain!

  • have integrated stripe for a couple of clients.

  • worked with the sendgrid api for a couple of clients as well as when working talenthouse.

  • my goto for programming questions. if not directly then through google. learned a vast amount of information from so.

  • we used for even tracking at talenthouse.

  • we used this as our image hosting site at talenthouse. helped the cloundinary team with the video integration as we were one of the first users. also helped patch the cloudinary scala library.

  • been using github for a bit. used the pull-request and issues system to manage code. love the code review features. use gists to save snippets of useful code. have various repos of code written in the last decade.

  • been an avid git user for over 6 years. was a little hard to grasp coming from the world of perforce but once it hit me that it was just a glorified patch manager everything fell into place. mainly use the command line interface, most ui's feel bulky and weak.

  • been using docker extensively for the last 2-3 years. great for setting up an environment quickly. makes using services like reddis/postgres/rabbitmq a breeze.

  • used it minimally at talenthouse and for a couple clients.

  • use for front-end development libraries. works well with gulp.

  • had to use it as a couple of clients had repos on it. worst of the git services. i try to stay far far away.

  • used at several companies for continuous integration and build environment.

  • use for my front-end build needs. very powerful, lots of great plugins. makes development and the feedback cycle blissful.

  • use for my front-end library includes. works nicely with gulp and npm.

  • played around with vagarant a few years back. got a few things to deploy but haven't had the need to touch it since.

  • my go to editor for all things. been a vimer for over a decade now. this is where all the magic happens. still so much to learn, the most amazing tool i use.

  • use gitlab for its free private repos. spent a little time in the ui but haven't used any of the offered features.

  • used xcode extensively for debugging ios software. been using it on and off for 6 years or so.

  • mainly use for building and debugging android projects. used it to test builds out of both unity and ionic. used the plugin version back in the day when i was developing the android app at my startup.

  • been a while since i've used visual studio. developed the tools for superman returns in it. liked the debugging but not much else. only played with the newest version a couple of times.

  • i used browserstack minimally at talenthouse.

  • been a few years since i've used test flight. we used it at my startup over 5 years ago when they were first starting out. help alleviate many of the issues related with app distribution back then.

  • we used papertrail at talenthouse for all out logging needs. elegant and simple ui. enjoyed the service.

  • minor experience with kubernetes. helped a client setup a kubernetes infrastructure. love the elegance of the system.

  • we used raygun at talenthouse to track errors within our codebase. fairly decent tool, simple ui. even helped the raygun team track down a few issues as we were using their scala integration library.

  • use it with my front-end projects. awesome for local development, especially styling.

  • many years of source control with perforce during my game development days.

  • quick and easy setup for communication and collaboration. frequently use mail/docs/drive.

  • irc for the masses. currently use it with all my clients. great for communication and notes. was introduced a couple of years ago, but originally started using irc 15 years ago.

  • love trello! my got to for organizing tasks and breakdowns. have been using it for around 3 years, and have introduced its awesome to many people.

  • used jira during my stint at dreamworks animation, not a fan.

  • used confluence during my stint at dreamworks animation, not a fan.

  • get paid through gusto by a couple of my clients.

  • wiki / documentation tool we used at talenthouse.

  • worked with php for around a year helping a client automate their backend and optimize their existing infrastructure.

  • a couple of years experience developing with react, mostly during my foray at talenthouse.

  • originally used c# a decade ago when writing the tools for superman returns at my stint with electronic arts, have used it again recently for developing in unity.

  • used lua as gameplay glue while at insomniac. one my favorite wins was integrating table support. it took walking the source code in a debugger to figure it out, still remember being at work at 3am when i got it working finally. (no google back then to make such things simple.)