12 Dev Tools & Services Just Added (07-22-2014)

Published July 21, 2014 17:30 | By Leanstack

As highlighted in the latest edition of Leanstack Weekly.


Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way

Asciinema is a free and open source solution for recording the terminal sessions and sharing them on the web.

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Record a terminal session exactly as you experience it, right down to the syntax highlighting

Termshows are purely text based. This makes them ideal for demoing instructions (as the user can copy-paste), making fail-safe "live-coding" sessions (plain text is very scalable), and sharing all your l33t terminal hacks.

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Idea to app in record time

Built.io Backend is an mBaaS that allows you to avoid designing, building, and supporting a custom backend for your mobile & web applications. Enterprises can dramatically reduce cost, lower risk and accelerate time-to-market for apps.

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A PaaS for data science - easily run R, Python or Matlab code in the cloud with automatic version control for data, code, and results

Use our cloud-hosted infrastructure to securely run your code on powerful hardware with a single command — without any changes to your code. If you have your own infrastructure, our Enterprise offering provides powerful, easy-to-use cluster management functionality behind your firewall.

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Self-Hosted API for Responsive Embeds (oEmbed, Twitter Cards, Open Graph, Readability and more)

Simple API gives you responsive embed codes and semantic data for videos, photos, slideshows or any URL. YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, Twitter - all the usual suspects plus over 1500 others. Parsers based on oEmbed, Open-Graph, Twitter Cards and are available as open-source or as hosted cloud API.

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Open Source application monitoring & packet tracing system

Packetbeat agents sniff the traffic between your application processes, parse on the fly protocols like HTTP, MySQL, Postgresql or REDIS and correlate the messages into transactions.

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Realm makes it easy to build reactive apps, realtime collaborative features, and offline-first experiences.

The Realm Mobile Platform is a next-generation data layer for applications. Realm is reactive, concurrent, and lightweight, allowing you to work with live, native objects.

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A/B Test Your App Store Content

StoreMaven is the only solution available that offers live A/B testing for app pages and icons. Moreover, it is the only platform that focuses on click-through and install conversions and not merely traditional ASO (Keywords and Volume optimization).

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Get notified on visual changes of a website or website area

VisualPing is a simple service for monitoring websites for changes. You'll recieve a notification when it detects any change in the content of the page. You can use it for price tracking, ticket & product availability checks, competition monitoring, or just to check your facebook-likes, twitter followers etc...

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Get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use your website or mobile app

UserTesting provides on-demand usability testing. You create the test and we’ll get the testers. We let you “look over the shoulder” of your target audience while they use your website, so you can see and hear where users get stuck and why they leave.

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Crowdsourced Software Testing Platform, 8500+ Testers, 25+ Countries

99tests is a Crowdsourced Software Testing Platform with over 6500 Software Testers. We have logged over 27000 bugs. Crowd Testing helps software product owners get their applications tested in the real world by testers across the world.


A hosted CMS for designers, created from your static HTML

Create a CMS using the tools you already know. Make static websites editable by adding a CSS class. Manage it all from right inside your Dropbox folder.