Introducing New Company Engineering Profiles

Discover & follow companies based on their tech stack

Today we’re announcing the release of brand new Company Engineering Profiles- an easy way for you to learn how the best companies in the world build software. You can now use StackShare to dive into the details of how an engineering org operates, putting you in a better position to get that job you're thinking about applying to.

Increasingly, we’re seeing more and more of the community using StackShare to figure out which companies they want to work for not only based on the company’s tech stack but also on how they’re building it. This got us thinking about how hiring for and finding an engineering job both still suck. But what if they didn’t?

What if instead of just a job description and an “about us” page, you knew all the tech a company was using and you had insight into how they make technology decisions so that you could present yourself in the best possible light? What if you could find a company that was adopting the technologies you also want to learn so it would support your own growth and development? Unfortunately you typically only get this sort of information after at least one interview cycle- until now.

The new StackShare Company Engineering Profiles give you all the info you need to understand how a company builds software. Following companies hooks you into getting updates on job listings, important stack decisions, their tech stacks, engineering blog posts, open source repos they’ve released, tech talks from across the web, and the team behind all this.

LaunchDarkly Engineering Profile

Ultimately, more information is helpful to both sides. Companies can self-select for more informed interviewees, interviewees can filter out the companies that work in ways they don’t like or technologies that they have zero interest in working with. With more information flowing both ways, everyone wins. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce this new aspect of StackShare to you all.

But wait, there’s more!

Not only did every company profile just get a major facelift, but we’re also introducing our first paid subscription product for companies: Premium Company Engineering Profiles. Premium Profiles have all the new profile sections plus job listings across the site. To learn more about Premium Profiles visit your company’s engineering profile while logged in and you’ll see more info.

To get started using the new and improved company profiles, head over to the new companies page!