Product Update: Introducing Notifications Center

Everyday, there's thousands of votes, views for stacks, tools, new posts, and other activity on StackShare that isn't visible to you. Until today there hasn't been a way for you to see all of this in one place. Did anyone find your one-liner helpful? How many people looked at my company's stack page today? What new posts were published recently?

Today, we're releasing Notifications Center to help you stay on top of your contributions and what's happening on StackShare! We built the Notification Center in way that lets you stay updated without being too distracted on the site. Right now, you'll only receive notifications for a few things (votes for your one-liners, views for your stacks, and new blog posts), but we'll be adding more notifications for things you care about over the coming weeks.

The Notifications Center is located in the top right corner of every page to the right of your avatar icon. You must be logged in to see it. Any unseen notifications will be marked with a red bubble and a number. Clicking on the notification bell will immediately clear this out. Once the menu is open, notifications can be clicked on, marked as read, and you’ll soon be able to unsubscribe to certain notification types.

You can also see all your notifications by clicking through the notifications page:

To prioritize and understand what's important to see notifications for we'll need your help! Let us know what you want to see in the Notifications Center! Hit me up with an email at and I'll make sure we do our best to fine-tune this to your needs.

- Dakota