Introducing Stack Embed - display your stack on Medium, LinkedIn, or any website

An embed widget has been a frequent request from the StackShare community, so we're happy to announce Stack Embed! No more taking screenshots of your stacks and embedding the images. You can now embed your stack via a tiny JavaScript snippet on any website! Stack Embed is great for showing off your tech stack on your personal site, explaining how you built something in a blog post, or displaying your company's stack in a job hiring announcement.

Head over to your profile and click on one of your stack pages to grab your embed snippet (make sure you're logged in). You can even select a dark or light theme!

But that's not all- StackShare is now an official Embedly provider, which means you can automatically embed your stack in a Medium post or on your LinkedIn profile just by pasting in the normal stack URL. Embedding a stack in a Medium post is simple, paste in a stack link and your stack is automatically displayed in the post:

Embedding a stack on your LinkedIn profile is just as easy- all you need to do is add it as a link for one of your positions- it's a great way to show off your stack without making people leave LinkedIn:

We hope you like Stack Embed! Please email us with any questions or feedback at And if you're interested in seeing what we used to build Stack Embed, head over here.

- The StackShare Team