Introducing Stack Match - the best way to find engineering jobs that fit your skillset

As engineers, we care a lot about the tools we use. So, when it's time to look for a new job, we search dozens of sites looking for companies that use our preferred stack. We spend hours skimming pages of text trying to figure out which jobs are relevant. Sound familiar?

At StackShare, we believe there’s a better way. Today, we’re very excited to announce the launch of Stack Match - the best way for you to find job opportunities that match your skillset and allow you to use your preferred tools. We’ve been working closely with early StackShare community members to gather feedback and tweak the product. It’s our biggest product update yet and we’re thrilled to be able to release it to everyone today!

Finding the perfect job at a company has never really been about the job. It's always about the company. It's about finding that magical overlap of programming interests you share with the team as well as the new skills you'll introduce to each other. What you really want to find is a team that you’ll grow together with over time.

Today, we've changed the way developers and teams find each other. No more scanning thousands of jobs for the things you’re good at and have experience with. Find the team that needs you. Find the company you want to work for. Then look at the jobs they have open to see which one is the best fit.


Through interviewing community members, we learned that individuals found StackShare useful for searching for jobs. One of the most frequent use cases is going to a tool profile page (e.g. Rails), clicking on the stacks tab, then looking at the companies using the tool to open tabs for each company to see if they’re hiring. Some people have even asked for more company data so they can find jobs:

On the other end, we’re seeing more and more companies linking out to StackShare on sites like Stack Overflow Careers, LinkedIn, Glassdoor,, and AngelList. Employers have a tough time finding the right candidates because often times, the tech stack candidates have experience with isn’t listed in their profile or is difficult to find in their resume. Personally, when hiring developers here at StackShare, I’ve used our own site to look up the tech stack of the company that a candidate worked for previously to infer the stack they’re familiar with (btw we’re looking to hire awesome Ruby developers!). By directing people to their tech stack profile, employers can help engineers self-select for opportunities that will be a good fit for them.

StackShare has always been about helping developers make the best technology decisions. The company you work for is the biggest technology decision you’ll ever make as a developer.

Stack Match

Stack Match cuts through the noise. It shows you the places you may like to work by surfacing the technologies that you’d be working with at companies listed on StackShare. This means you’ll have the ability to find things you’re familiar with, plus technologies that will challenge you.

Enter your stack and you’ll immediately see open roles at companies that use that stack and a percentage score for how close of a fit it is for your stack. You can even sign up to get email updates as new jobs that fit your stack are added.

If you’re a company that’s already listed on StackShare, just go to your company profile jobs section, and add your jobs there if you haven’t already. If you’re not on StackShare yet just give us your website URL and URLs for your Lever or Greenhouse account and we’ll automatically build out your stack and list your open roles.

We can't wait to hear your feedback on Stack Match! Please email us at, we’d love to hear from you!

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