Introducing The New Stack Profile

📣 As you may have already heard, March is open source month here at StackShare, so today we’re thrilled to not only announce a partnership with the Linux Foundation but also to introduce a brand new stack profile experience- the best way for you to highlight the open source tools you depend on ✨

Back in December, we launched Stack Decisions, an easy way for you to share why you chose the tools in your stack and get visibility in front of our growing community of over 250K+ fellow developers. The new Stack Profile experience is powered by Stack Decisions; instead of only showing off the tools you use in your stack, you can now show off why you chose those tools and how they fit together, right inside of your stack profile:

Uber's Tech Stack

Sharing Decisions on your stack profile gives them extra visibility 📈 Not only will they be seen in the Feed like before, but now anyone visiting your stack profile will immediately see the Decisions you’ve contributed.

With the brand new design and focus on the how and why behind your stack- today marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the StackShare experience. Learning the details behind the stack of a company or developer you trust can help save you hours, days, weeks, even months of trial and error. The new stack profiles make this much easier than ever before.

We’re launching the new profiles with the help of some of our awesome partners who’ve got some amazing stacks:

Our very own stack profile isn't looking too shabby either 😏

How The New Profile Helps Devs and Companies

Stack profiles are the pages that are shared most by the StackShare community out on the Internets- they’re at the core of what we do. Part of the motivation behind the redesign was the realization that stack profiles aren’t just useful when you’re researching which tools to use, but increasingly they’re being used by developers looking for jobs and companies trying to recruit engineers 💼

On LinkedIn profiles

On resumes on GitHub

On Hacker News - Who's Hiring posts

On Glassdoor job listings

The new Stack Profile goes beyond what developers can do on other platforms, which mostly consists of you being able to list out your roles/positions in a resume format and show off the open source code that you’ve contributed. The new Stack Profile allows you to show off the thinking behind the technology decisions you’ve made, which open source and SaaS solutions you’ve used and in what context. As a developer who’s looking for new job opportunities, this allows you to provide extra details without needing to spend hours writing a long blog post.

If you’re a company who’s looking to recruit engineers, the new Stack Profile gives you the ability to give candidates insights into how your engineering team chooses technologies, how they’re being used at your company, and why a developer may find it interesting to work with those technologies with your team.

How Stack Profiles work

Head over to any personal or company stack profile page and you’ll see the new experience:

Zach Holman's Tech Stack

Everything on the profile has been re-designed from the ground-up (and built using our updated front-end stack); the focus is still the tools you use, laid out in a clean, readable tiled format. With the addition of Stack Decisions which now live on the right-hand side of the page.

The Decision composer is a powerful yet lightweight posting tool. It gives you the ability to tag tools, topics and companies, use Markdown formatting, and link out to a specific blog post or GitHub project. In addition to being displayed on your own stack profile, your Decisions will be shared on the feeds of StackSharers interested in the tools in your stack, on thousands of popular tool comparison pages, and potentially even the StackShare Feed landing page!

You also have the ability to hide Stack Decisions and all the details behind the stack:

Zulip Stack

For your own stack profile, you’ll see a nifty new profile completion meter that helps you track how many tools in your stack you’ve shared a Decision about.

You’ll also notice there’s now a way to ask a question on any stack profile 😱 If you’re curious about some details that haven’t been shared by the company or individual’s stack that you’re on, you can just ask! Note: this feature is in Beta, so don’t expect a quick response just yet.

Airbnb's Tech Stack

Another new feature is "More stacks" - if you’re on a company stack profile page, you’ll see links to other stack profiles from that company that you may want to explore. Adding more stacks is a great way to get additional visibility across StackShare and help developers understand the context for different tech stacks.

Algolia Open Source Tech Stack

We’d love to hear what you think about the new Stack Profile experience - email us anytime at

If you have a stack profile you’re proud of, tweet us @stackshareio with your stack profile link and we’ll share it with the community!

- Nasser & Yonas